Automatic Consideration Scholarship List for New/Incoming Students

At FLCC, we offer a variety of scholarships for which you’ll automatically be considered that range from general interest to program-specific scholarships. To be considered for scholarship funds, all you have to do is apply and be accepted to FLCC by March 1, 2018 and have a high school transcript on file. It’s that simple! You won’t need to fill out a scholarship application.

If you apply to FLCC after the March 1 deadline, you may still be eligible for scholarships if funding remains available. To see which scholarships you’ll automatically be considered for, check out our scholarship list below.

General Interest Scholarships

Collins "Connie" and Verna Carpenter Memorial Scholarship
Amount: $1,000 (4)

  • Entering or returning, full or part time student
  • Minimum B average
  • Resident of Ontario, Wayne, Seneca, or Yates County
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • For one of the scholarships, preference given to a student who intends to pursue a career in health care, education, or social sciences

Alton B. Corbit Memorial Scholarship 
Amounts vary

  • Entering, full-time freshman at time of application
  • Minimum B average
  • Outstanding potential and academic ability

FLCC Alumni Association Traditional-Aged Student Excellence Scholarship 
Amount: $2,000 (over two years)

  • Entering, traditional-age, full-time freshman at time of application
  • Evidence of being an exceptional student
  • Involvement in one or more community service or athletic activities the year prior to applying
  • Minimum GPA 3.4 for second year renewal

FLCC Board of Trustees Scholarship
Amount: $1,000

  • Entering full-time freshman
  • Graduate of an Ontario County high school
  • Statement must refer to volunteer or community service activities, experience in student government and financial need
  • Minimum B/85% high school GPA

The Michaels Family Memorial Scholarship 
Amounts vary

  • Entering, full-time freshman at time of application
  • Graduate of Geneva High School
  • Potential for academic success
  • Evidence of community involvement and work experience in the essay

S & S Memorial Scholarship

  • Amount: $500
  • Major: hotel and resort management, conservation, or horticulture
  • Canandaigua Academy high school graduate
  • Preference given to a veteran and to a student demonstrating financial need

Adult Student Scholarships

Those scholarships which mention the term "Adult Freshman" refer to the awards for applicants who have been away from the high school setting for several years. Although we consider all students who enter Finger Lakes Community College to be adults, these scholarships address the needs of students who have a high school diploma or the equivalent but who have not recently been a student in a high school or college/university setting.

Charlotte Cowie Memorial Scholarship for an Adult Freshman 
Amount: $1,000

  • Entering, full-time freshman at time of application
  • Adult student, starting a new chapter in life by attending FLCC

FLCC Alumni Association Adult Student Excellence Scholarship
Amount: $2,000 (over two years)

  • Entering student who will attend full-time
  • Student must be 24 years old, married, support a dependent or be a veteran
  • Involvement in one or more community service activities in the year prior to applying
  • Demonstrate evidence of outstanding potential
  • Minimum GPA 3.4 for second year renewal

Dr. Thomas Topping Adult Returning Student Scholarship
Amount: $1,000

  • Non-traditional age student
  • Demonstrate financial need

Business Scholarship

AVI Fresh, Inc. Hospitality Scholarship
Amount: $1,000 (2)

  • Student who intends to pursue a career in the hospitality industry

Joanne Glover Memorial Scholarship
Amount: $500

  • Major: Administrative Assistant (studying to be an executive secretary)
  • Full or part time female student
  • Minimum B average
  • Graduate of any Ontario County high school
  • Demonstrate financial need

Lois J. Griffith Scholarship
Amount $1,000

  • Major: Business
  • Female student from Ontario County

Conservation/Viticulture Scholarships

Constellation Brands Viticultural Scholarship
Amount: $1,000

  • Major: Viticulture and Wine Technology
  • Attending full-time
  • Excellent potential for academic success
  • Demonstrate financial need

New York State Conservation Officers Association Scholarship 
Amount: $500

  • Entering, full-time freshman at time of application
  • New York State resident
  • Planning to pursue career as a conservation officer
  • Minimum B+ average

Human Services Scholarship

Bowen Family Memorial Scholarship 
Amount: $1,000 over two years

  • Entering, full-time freshman with preference given to a graduate of St. Francis DeSales High School in Geneva, NY. A Geneva High School graduate will be selected if there are no eligible DeSales applicants.
  • Human Services major with career plans in nursing, education, social services etc.
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Minimum B average for second year renewal

Music and Music Recording Technology

Aldo F. and Anne J. Fioravanti Scholarship
Amount: $500

  • Entering full-time freshman enrolled in the music or music recording technology program
  • Preference to a student participating in the Finger Lakes Chorale
  • Minimum GPA: 3.0
  • Demonstrate financial need

Nursing Scholarships

Frances F. MacLeod Legacy Scholarship
Amounts vary

  • Entering nursing program directly or from pre-nursing
  • Demonstrates potential for success and financial need

Thompson Health Nursing Scholarship
Amount: $1,000

  • Entering FLCC directly into the nursing program or entering from pre-nursing for the following fall semester
  • Minimum GPA: 3.0
  • Demonstrate financial need.


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