Storefront Pioneers Society

Since our founding, individuals dedicated to our long-term success have set up planned gifts for our benefit. Some donors included us as a beneficiary of their will, retirement plan (401(k), 403(b), IRA, etc.) or life insurance policy while others added to our endowment to continue their annual support after they were gone. Each of these individuals believed in our mission and wanted to be sure we could continue to thrive and grow into the future. For this special group, we created the Storefront Pioneers Society. The Storefront Pioneers Society is open to all individuals who have named us in their long-term plans or created an endowment for our benefit.

In January 1968, Community College of the Finger Lakes accepted its first class of credit students, and too new to have a campus, held classes in the storefronts of downtown Canandaigua. Many remarkably talented and committed people worked together to make Finger Lakes Community College what it is today: an institution where traditional and unique academic programs are offered to a diverse group of students by creative and attentive faculty and staff.

The Storefront Pioneers Society honors the spirit of those early days and the vision of the very special people who had a hand in creating and sustaining the College we know today. The people who founded CCFL – community members, faculty, staff, administrators and students – took a chance. They believed that a new kind of college, one dedicated to access and opportunity, would flourish in the Finger Lakes region.

The first Pioneers were risk-takers, and their entrepreneurial spirit and determination remains central to our College's identity. It still inspires us today. Your membership in the Storefront Pioneers Society shows that you, too, are inspired by the impact of the College on the people, community and economy of the Finger Lakes. It is an opportunity to stand among many who honor the College's history and become part of its legacy.

Members of the Society receive updates on the College's achievements, have the opportunity to meet and talk with other leading supporters at special events, and receive recognition in donor reports and other publications. Members also receive preferred seating at FLCC concerts and plays as well as invitations to exhibit openings at the Williams-Insalaco Gallery 34 and other events, including an annual Society celebration.

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